Divinus Artem in a simple translation is Divine Art. That’s what photography is for us. There is something supernatural in it, inexplicable, it has an amazing power not only of mapping reality, but it also protects yours important moments from forgetting.

Good photography does wonders. We are satisfied with the incredible frame, the perfect grasp of light, the presentation of your emotions, the saving of this one moment. For you it is important to recreate the mood, thoughts that have been hidden in photography, restore the happiest memories. It is photographs magic that lets you go back in time and remember the thrill again.

We love to photograph people, real feelings, and unforced responses. We love authenticity and naturalness, and we believe that this is the power of our photography. Without the urgent colors, artificial posing, we do it like in a movie without special effects. You can not pretend in front of the lens, just be in front of the lens. The rest is a bit of our experience, a little bit of technique and this element of divinity, thanks to which we can move to tears when someone is holding a photo in his hands.

Divine pictures are our specialty! Write boldly if you are looking for such photos. Together, we will create an amazing story. If necessary, we will reach every place in the world 🙂

We offer:

– wedding photos,

– fiances photos,

– family photos,

– occasional photos,

– and we implement individual projects, eg company events, portrait or children’s pictures.

We write back – kontakt@divinusartem.pl – quickly, but if you care about an immediate answer – call us +48 603 639 953.

Yes, we speak English 🙂

Have a look at our portfolio and wedding stories. You will love it 😉